FREE Comfies trouser sewing pattern

They’re seriously comfortable. Made from stable knit such as French Terry or Ponte Roma these feel like tracksuit bottoms. They’re fairly fitted with tapered legs. Pockets with flaps at the back make them look so cool!

I can’t promise that these will fit you perfectly without any adjustments, as we’re all shaped differently so always make a toile, ESPECIALLY when making trousers. If you don’t have much fabric at least cut a shorter toile that would finish below crotch. If you’re not sure where to go from there feel free to contact me on our Facebook group. Me and other experienced sewers will be happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚

This pattern is for size range from UK 6 US 2 to UK 18 US 14.

Sizing: If youโ€™re not sure which size to choose, check the measurements charts
I’ve made this pattern for women approx 168cm tall. If you’re taller or shorter your pattern pieces will need modyfing.

Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the pattern, itโ€™s available in A0 and A4 formats.
This pattern is LAYERED, you can select sizes that you like before printing so it’s easier to see the lines.

Start with printing the first page and make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper format but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues.

Pattern assembly (A4):

Pages 15,20 & 25 are empty, I’ve already excluded them from the pattern.
Here’s is how to tape your pages together:

Seam allowances:
1cm (3/8 inches) seam allowances are included. Hemming allowance is 2cm.

Recommended fabrics:
French Terry, Ponte Roma or other stable knit. If you use fabric with more stretch your trousers will be looser.

Elastic for the waistband.

Fabric requirements:
Fabric width: 140cm
Length: approx 2-2.2m of fabric depending on the size. Cut the pieces first and lay them on your fabric, you’ll see if you have enough

Front x2 (1 pair)
Back x2 (1 pair)
Pocket x 2
Pocket Flaps x4
Waistband x1

Instructions (of course this is my preferred method, you can do it differently):

Start with the pockets. Fold seam allowances and tack by hand, It will make it easier to attach the pocket.

Topstitch top edge.

Interface your pocket flaps. Sew around the edges leaving top edge open. Trim seam allowances close to te edges and turn inside out

Topstitch aroung the edge and overlock / zig zag the opening.

Sew pocket onto the back piece around the edges, (mine is approx 7cm away from the top edge of the panel) but don’t stitch the top edge, that’s the opening of your pocket.

Add your pocket flaps. Place them few mm higher than pockets. Stitch them in place following your seam allowance.

Fold your flaps and topstitch hiding the seam underneath.

Lay front on the back piece with right sides together and sew side seams. Don’t sew the crotch seam yet. Repeat for the other leg. Once this is done you can insert one leg into the other with right sides facing and match crotch seams. Sew crotch seam in one go.

Now prepare your wastband by sewing it’s short ends together (right sides facing), fold it in half lenghtwise (wrong sides facing) and stretch it to fit your trousers.

Then pin it to trouser waist seam allowances on the outside and sew three layers together. The seam allowance will then go to the inside of your trousers.
But don’t sew all the way. Leave a gap to feed your elastic through. Once elastic is in place, close that gap.

Topstitch to the outside of your waistband. I also like to add vertical seams on the sides of my waistband. That prevents elastic from moving.

Last step hemming! Simply fold fabric underneath and topstitch.

Now pour yourself a glass of wine (or two) and have a break in your new trousers ๐Ÿ™‚

If anything is unclear please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚ Sometimes I’m just not that good at explaining things.

And here’s your pattern:

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