My favourite sewing gadgets I can’t live without

Here’s my list of my top 8 items that will help you (a lot) while sewing. Or maybe you know someone who is a passionate sewer/sewist, I’m sure she/he would love these!

Water-soluble thread cone
  1. Water-soluble thread.
    Yes, it really exists! Imagine basting/tacking without having to unpick your stitches or machine gathering. You can use it while sewing by hand or in your machine.
    Warning: it’s a white thread, looks just like your regular thread. Mark your bobbin with a gigantic X. You really don’t want your garment to fall apart while wearing it! Also, don’t try to touch it with wet hands. It will get ruined as it will start to disintegrate even under a tiny amount of water. I bought mine from eBay from China, it’s a larger cone and it does the job. When using it in the machine, adjustments to your top tension might be required.
  2. Walking foot
    Super handy when sewing with knits. It will make sure your fabric is fed evenly and not stretched while sewing. The foot grips onto the top layer of fabric and will work as the additional feeder dogs, just for the top layer, It fits all low shank sewing machines and really doesn’t cost a lot. You can get it from eBay or Amazon or most local sewing shops.
  3. Roller cutter for fabric and self-healing mat (as big as you can find)
    Don’t throw away your scissors just yet, you will still use them from time to time But if you like precision cutting and don’t like fabric moving all over the place threat yourself to roller cutter. I do suggest buying good quality blades that will stay sharp for longer. Olfa and Fiskars blades are supposed to be the best.
  4. Tailor’s awl
    Great tool for guiding your fabric while sewing. It’s also great for untying the threads and piercing holes.
  5. Loop turners and drawstring threader
    You need them if you don’t want to spend 2h trying to thread the drawstring through a tiny channel. These are really handy, also great for spaghetti straps. Clover sells loop turners that you can fit into the fabric tube and iron. Genius.
  6. Tailor’s clapper
    A fantastic tool that will help your pressed seams to stay flat and prevents bulk. After pressing them with steam just put clapper on top and leave it for few seconds 
  7. Water-soluble tape
    It’s so great! Just washes away. You can use it to temporary “glue” pieces together without tacking or it can help you with hemming.
  8. Self-threading needles.
    I’m just not very good at threading needles. Can’t see the loops very well. Self-threading ones that have a top that looks a bit like V are my favourite. 

I hope you enjoyed this short article. How about you? What are your favourite gadgets and other things you just have to have near you while sewing?

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