FREE Sewing Pattern – Comfy Mittens

These mittens are super comfy! I made them with double-layered fleece back French Terry but you could make them out of fleece or maybe even woven fabrics. I made them with long cuffs so they won’t get lost and will never uncover your child’s wrists but that, of course, is optional. You can make it out of a single layer of fabric as long as the inside is soft as you don’t want to irritate your child’s little hands.

If you plan to make mittens from more stretchy fabric you might want to choose a size smaller. This also applies to thinner fabrics.

I have not tested this pattern on non-stretch fabric but I’m sure it would work (you will probably need to make thumb and main body slightly wider though). 

Print the first page and test the fit. Place your child’s hand on top and choose the size closest to the hand measurements and allow for ease. 
Add seam allowances

Print on A4. After printing the pattern, make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper format but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues!

Front 4x (2x main fabric, 2x lining)
Top Back 4x
Bottom Back 4x
Cuffs 2x

Recommended fabric: Fleece, fleeceback French Terry etc.

Attach top back to bottom back, starting from the notch at the base of the thumb stitch both pieces together. I suggest using a regular sewing machine instead of the overlocker, seam allowances need to be trimmed close to the seam around the thumb. I used short straight stitch set to low tension that has enough stretch, narrow zig-zag would also work. 

Attach front to back: with right sides facing together stitch both pieces. The first seam is from the bottom to the notch at the base of the thumb. Second seam from the notch all the way around to the bottom. Don’t forget to reinforce/reverse stitch your seams at the notch. 

Repeat for lining and do the same for the other mitten.
Insert lining into the mitten and align edges.

Join cuff sides and stitch together (right faces together). Then fold it and stitch it to the mitten (shown below). Of course, you can make cuff shorter or fold it, you could also cover your cuff seam, topstitch and make them reversible.
Or if you have no ribbing just make mitten body longer add elastic and hem it.

That’s it, your mittens are now ready! 🙂

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