My first pattern is finally here, yay! 🙂

Emma in Confetti Dress

Simple jersey dress, perfect for spring or autumn with 3/4 sleeves, decorated to your liking. I used HTV and hole punch, just ironed the little circles onto the dress afterwards. Enjoy!

Print on A4. After printing the pattern, make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper formats but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues!

0-12 months layout
12 months – 6 years layout

Recommended fabric: Cotton jersey, bamboo jersey, min 50% of stretch
Neckband fabric: Ribbing

Front on the fold 1x
Back on the fold 1x
Sleeve 2x
Neckline band 1x
Skirt 1x
Bottom frill 1x

Note: for top skirt and bottom frill dimensions please see the table below ( height x width in cm). They’re gathered rectangles. Of course, you can change the width and height of each frill. My preferred width is 2x chest circumference but you can make it less or more! You can divide them into two parts if you prefer to sew the front and back separately.

0-1 month (56)0-3 months (62)3-6 months (68)6-9 months (74)9-12 months (80)
Top skirt14.5 x 8816 x 9217.5 x 9619 x 10020.5 x 104
Bottom frill3.5 x 1764 x 1844.5 x 1925 x 2005.5 x 208
12-18 months (86)18-24 months (92)3 years (98)4 years (104)5 years (110)6 years (116)
Top skirt22 x 10823.5 x 11225 x 11626.5 x 12028 x 12429.5 x 128
Bottom frill6 x 2166.5 x 2247 x 2327.5 x 2408 x 2488.5 x 256

I will post the whole tutorial on making this dress in a separate post. Below you can find short instructions. Good luck!

1. Print the pattern add seam allowances & cut the fabric
2. Put right sides together and stitch shoulder seams, press with iron.
3. Lay right sides together of sleeves and top of dress and stitch together, press with an iron.
4. Stitch side seams and sleeve all in one, press seam allowances with iron
5. Fold the neckline band, right sides together and stitch narrow edges of the band. Fold neckline band lengthwise, right sides to the outside and press with an iron. Pin to top neckline: centre seam should be in the middle of the back or match arm seam, stretch your band and pin it evenly to top neckline. Stitch together. Iron seam allowances. Topstitch if you like.
6. Gather skirt parts, Stitch them together and stitch to the top of the dress.
7. Enjoy your new dress!

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