FREE Happy Sweatshirt Sewing Pattern

Happy Sweatshirt

It truly is a happy sweatshirt. Or making it will make you happy as it is so easy! This pattern is for children 1-10 years old. I used French Terry but you can try with a different type of knit fabric. It’s quite long, approx 5 cm below hips, feel free to shorten it if you like 🙂

This pattern is great for both girls and boys. Ideal for autumn and winter, there is enough ease if you wanted to make it with a thicker fabric. The neckline on the pattern is actually a bit smaller. Feel free to cut it bigger or use a different width of neckband. I kept it small and thought it’s easier to cut it than the other way around.

Make it from French Terry, heavy jersey or similar fabric. It has to be stretchy!

Good luck!

Print on A4. After printing the pattern, make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm. You can try printing on different paper format but always select printing to 100%.

Layout 1-6 years old
Layout 7-10 years old

Recommended fabric: French Terry or similar
Neckband fabric: Ribbing

Front on the fold 1x
Back on the fold 1x
Sleeve 2x
Neckline band 1x
Pocket 1x

Short Recipe:
1. Print the pattern add seam allowances & cut the fabric
2. Prepare the pocket: Fold seam allowances on the pocket and press with iron. Stitch top edge of the pocket. Stitch the pocket to the front of sweatshirt. Of course you can decorate it to your liking before that. I embrodiered mine,
3. Put right sides together of front and back and stitch shoulder seams, press with iron. If you can, use silicone tape to strenghten the shoulder seams.
4. Lay right sides together of sleeves and sweatshirt and stitch together, press with an iron.
5. Stitch side seams and sleeve all in one, press seam allowances with iron
6. Fold the neckline band, right sides together and stitch narrow edges of the band. Fold neckline band lengthwise, right sides to the outside and press with an iron. Pin to neckline: centre seam should be in the middle of the back or match arm seam, stretch your band and pin it evenly to top neckline. Stitch together. Iron seam allowances. Topstitch if you like.
7. Tada, your Happy Sweatshirt is ready! 🙂

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