This one has got long sleeves and the top is cut from a double layer of jersey fabric. It would be perfect for colder days and with the button / snap opening perfect for little ones. You can make the top longer if you prefer, just remember to shorten the skirt part. Make sure you use similar jersey as the lining, you don’t want it to have more stretch than your main fabric.

Make it from French Terry, heavy jersey or similar fabric. It has to be stretchy!

Print on A4. After printing the pattern, make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper formats but always select printing to 100%

Midnight Dress 0-12 months layout

Recommended fabric: Cotton jersey, bamboo jersey, min 50% of stretch

Front 4x (2 pairs)
Back on the fold 2x
Sleeve 2x
Skirt 1x


Note: for skirt dimensions please see the table below ( height x width in cm). It’s a gathered rectangle. Of course, you can change the width and height. My preferred width is 2x chest circumference but you can make it less or more! You can divide this frill into two parts if you prefer to sew the front and back separately ( that’s how I usually do it)

0-1 month (56)0-3 months (62)3-6 months (68)6-9 months (74)9-12 months (80)
Skirt18.5 x 8821 x 9224 x 9627 x 10030 x 104

1. Print the pattern add seam allowances & cut the fabric
2. Put right sides together of main fabric top and lining and stitch shoulder seams, press with an iron.
3. Lay right sides together of both, top fabric and lining and stitch the neckline
4. Stitch the front edges of the lining and main fabric and turn the top inside out. Press with an iron.
5. Understitch the neckline (stitch the lining to seam allowances, seam not visible to the outside).
6. Lay right sides of sleeves and top of the dress and stitch together, press with an iron.
7. Stitch side seams (main fabric and lining together) and sleeve all in one, press seam allowances with iron
8. Overlay front pieces of your dress top, matching button lines together, Stitch them together at the bottom of your button section.
9. Gather the skirt part, Stitch it to the top of the dress.
10. Add buttons and take pictures of your model wearing a beautiful new dress!

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