FREE woven BODICE BLOCK with sleeve for 2-6yo

FREE woven BODICE BLOCK with sleeve for 2-6yo
This is my overdue Christmas present for everyone. Took me longer than I planned. Enjoy this free woven bodice block with a sleeve for 2-6yo. It comes in 5 different sizes, approximate ease around the chest is 6.5cm.
FREE woven BODICE BLOCK with sleeve for children's wear

Bodice block is available in sizes from 2Y to 6Y. Make sure you follow the measurements chart and select the size based on your child’s chest and height. Moonlight Patterns – Measurement Charts


Approx. 6.5cm

Download and pattern assembly:

Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the pattern, it’s available in A4 (works also with letter format) and A0 formats.

You can turn off the layers in Adobe Acrobat and print just the size you want. It will be easier to see the correct lines. You can find the option at View -> Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Layers. Please refer to this video if you’re not sure if you’re doing it right Moonlight Patterns – Selecting layers in Adobe Acrobat Reader

Print the pattern and make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.

You can try printing on different paper formats like letter size, it should still work but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues.

To assemble the pattern you can either cut out all the internal boxes, line them up and tape them together or overlap the pages and tape them together. As you can see below there are quite a lot of lines therefore I strongly recommend choosing only the layers that you need to make it easier.

Seam allowances:

1cm seam allowances are included. The hemming allowance for the sleeve is 2cm. You can see them on the pattern.

Recommended fabrics:

This pattern is for woven fabrics. It would also work with stable knits but I’d recommend choosing a smaller size.


Front x1 on the fold

Back x1 on the fold

Sleeves x2 (mirrored pair)

Pocket frill 2x

You can of course add seam allowance to the middle and cut both front & back as a mirrored pair instead.


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