If gathering fabric isn’t your favourite thing to do or if you struggle with uneven gathers this post is for you, Keep reading to see how I do it! 🙂

There are many gathering methods: on two threads, with an overlocker, with elastic. But the first one, using two (or three) threads is in my opinion the easiest and won’t create bulky seams later.

1. We start with two pieces of fabric. Wider one has to match the narrower piece. We simply need to create little folds to achieve that. First mark centre of each piece with pen, pencil or simply with pressing with an iron. If you have much wider fabric mark also quarters. This will guarantee that your gathering is even.

2. Sew two rows of LONG stitches on the edge of a wider piece. First row is close to the edge, second is further away.
Plan it the way, so that your final seam joining two pieces together will be in between. Some people use three rows. One thread is then a backup in case one of them breaks. Check what’s working best for you.
Now here’s my secret: I use WATER SOLUBLE thread for that. I hate unpicking seams 🙂 With this thread, all you need to do is throw it in the wash afterwards.

3. Pin fabric pieces together with right sides facing. Pin right in the middle and then start gathering one side.
Hold top threads and gently push fabric. Don’t pull threads too much as they’d break. Just hold them tight and make pleats by moving fabric on those threads. Don’t worry if your gathers are not even yet, we’ll sort it out later. Pin the corners together.
When you’re gathering, it’s easier to pin parallel to the edge. that way fabric won’t move.

4. Do the same for the other side and distribute your pleats in between the pins. Add a few more pins to make sure that gathers remain where you want them to be.

5. Stitch between the two rows of thread. If you’re working with knits you might want to add clear elastic on top to stabilise your fabric. You can overlock it all together.
Important: if you were using water soluble thread before, it’s time to replace it with the proper one!

6. Press your fabric with iron and enjoy your beautiful gathers 🙂

I hope that this with help some of you 🙂 gathering isn’t difficult and it isn’t even time consuming. It’s just a bit of practice.

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