How to rethread an overlocker in 3 minutes – 100% Foolproof method

overlocker juki rethreading

I hardly ever rethread my serger from the scratch. However, I realised many sewers do this each time they want to change thread colours. And although most of them heard about knot method not everyone does it without breaking threads.

This is a foolproof overlocker rethreading method. No snapping threads, no issues. There are benefits to doing it this way: knots help to get the lint out from between the discs and it’s just so much quicker.

Let’s do it!

1. Cut threads close to spools or cones, Put new cones in and tie old and new threads together. Make sure that the knot doesn’t unravel.

2. Remember the settings on your overlocker knobs or dials (you can write them down on the piece of paper) and lower the tension to a minimum. This will prevent threads from breaking at these points.

3. Lift your foot up, rotate your wheel to move needles to the highest position and cut the two threads in front of needles. Why do we do this? This is to avoid breaking thread at needle eye point.

4. Pull those two threads through. They’re needle threads from spools 1 and 2.

5. While your foot is still up pull the entire chain to the back. By doing this you’re rethreading loopers.

6. Once you’ve got all four new threads pulled through you can re-thread your needles, set your tensions back to previous settings and go straight back to sewing 🙂

This method would also work on coverstitch machines. Enjoy your sewing!

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