FREE Moulton Maternity Dress sewing pattern

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Who is ready for maternity pinafore dress? I am! 🙂
There is just so much room for your bump, you and your baby (or babies) will definitely be comfortable.
This lovely sewing pattern that goes up to sizes UK 18 US 14 EU 46.
Moulton Dress sewing pattern Thumbnail

Moulton Maternity Dress free sewing pattern is available for sizes UK 6 US 2 EU 34 – UK 18 US 14 EU 46
If you’re not sure which size to choose, check the measurements charts
You can choose your usual size, the allowance for your bump has been added.


12cm around the bust.

Download and pattern assembly:

Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the pattern, it’s available in A0 and A4 format  (works also with letter format). You can turn off the layers in Adobe Acrobat and print just the size you want. It will be easier to see the correct lines. You can find the option at View -> Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Layers

Start with printing the first page and make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper formats but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues.

Tape the pages as shown in the picture below. You can cut out the rectangles (remove margins) from the pages or just overlap printed pages.

Seam allowances:

1cm seam allowances are included. The hemming allowance is 2cm. You can see them on the pattern.

Recommended fabrics:

This pattern is for woven fabrics but it will work with stable knits too, I’d probably go for a smaller size though. I’ve used the same fabric for the outer bodice & lining but you can use lighter fabric inside. Do whatever works for you.


Optional zip for the side. I didn’t use one but if you want extra comfort you can add one.

Fabric requirements:

Up to 2m of fabric. Width of fabric: 1.4m


Front bodice x2 on the fabric fold
Back bodice x2 on the fabric fold
Front skirt x1 (on fabric fold)
Back skirt x1 (on fabric fold)

4x approx. 50cm long strips, 3cm wide. Note: if you’re not sure about the accuracy of your sewing, try slightly narrower strips like 2.5cm to allow a couple of mm of ease to each side.
I’ve cut 8x 5cm wide strips (1cm seam allowance to each side) and sewn them together.

Instructions (this is my preferred method, you can do it differently):

Cut all the pieces & close the bodice darts for the main, outer fabric & lining. Press with an iron.

Close the darts for the front skirt following the lines on the pattern. I extended the stitch to approx. 3cm.

Prepare your ties so that their final width after turning inside out is 3cm. Stitch to three sides, clip corners & turn. Topstitch close to the edges.

Sew bodice sides 1cm from the edge. Repeat for the lining.
Note: if you decided to add a zipper do it for only one side.

I overlocked sides only because I noticed how much my fabric was fraying and I wanted to additionally protect these side seams but you don’t really have to do that unless you have similar issues.

Sew the outer layer and lining together with the right sides facing.
Start with the neckline & armhole seams. Leave edges marked with red as last.
Before sewing, add your straps as per the drawing to the left.
Clip curved seam allowances and corners.
Turn inside out and press with an iron.

Check if everything lays flat and topstitch the edges of your bodice.

Sew the sides of the skirt together with the right sides facing and overlock the edges. Note: if you decided to add a zipper sew only one side.

Sew the bodice to the skirt with the right sides facing. I decided to do it through three layers together and overlock seam allowances but you can start with sewing the outer layer first and then fold the lining underneath and topstitch. Do whatever feels right.

Press with iron and topstitch close to the edge for a neat finish and to keep these seam allowances in place.

Hem the dress and try it on!

Download Moulton Maternity Free Sewing Pattern:

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