Sewing patch pocket with the ruffle

patch pocket thumbnail
This pocket is of course part of the bigger project. Isn’t it cute? Make one with me! I’ll show you how to sew a patch pocket with a ruffle in this short tutorial.

  • Pocket
  • 4.5cm strip of the fabric for the ruffle. Length should be equal to 1.5-2x the length of the pocket curve. My strip is 1.5x longer.
  • Fusible interfacing


Cut the pockets and fabric strips for ruffles. Fold the strips in half lengthwise and press with an iron.

Next, cut fusible interfacing a couple of millimeters smaller than the pocket so you won’t see it after folding seam allowances. Choose interfacing slightly lighter than your fabric. Press with an iron.

Cut away your seam allowances from your paper pattern and use it for keeping the right shape of the pocket when pressing with an iron.

Overlock or use a zigzag stitch to the top edge of the pocket.
You don’t have to do it with the curve yet unless you’re going to make a regular patch pocket without the ruffle.

Sew the short edges of the strips and gather them.
I usually sew two rows of stitching with the long straight stitch and pull the strings.

Attach the gathered ruffle to the curve with the right sides facing and fold the top edge. Use an iron to make your pockets flat and ready for sewing them onto your garment.

If you struggle with this step, please watch the video above!

Topstitch top edge of the pocket.

Attach your pocket to your garment; topstitch as close to the ruffle as possible. Done! 🙂

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