Sewing with clear silicone elastic tape (framilon)

I’ve been asked before why do I use this tape, what does it do and how it can improve look of your garments. Main reason is to stabilise your seams. You would usually use it only when sewing knits.

What is it for?

I use clear silicone tape when sewing with knits to stabilise seams.
All the seams? No, just the ones that can stretch too much for instance shoulder seams. It will make sure your seams stay the same length as on your pattern and reinforce them.

Other seams that might need stabilising are those with gathers. Sometimes fabric that gathered fabric is attached to can stretch and you don’t really want that. That’s where clear silicone tape comes in handy.

Another use is gathering with clear silicone tape. It does take a bit of practice and I still find gathering with two threads much more efficient.

Which size?

Try using the tape that is equal or wider than your seam allowance. I use 6mm elastic tape.

How to use it?

Simply lay silicone tape on top of other layers of fabric before stitching them together. Make sure tape is not stretching while you sew. If you don’t you will create gathers instead.

If you want to gather using clear elastic tape that’s exactly what you have to do. Stretch elastic as you go. You can mark it with parallel lines or dots to make sure you stretch it evenly.

It is very important that you put your elastic on top and not under fabric layers as feeder dogs might not be able to move it properly and that would create a bit of a mess. Think about knots, bunching of the thread underneath, picking all those seams…. it’s just not worth it. Also not easy to stretch something that is at the bottom of the pile.

Have you used this type for elastic for anything else? Please do share in comments!

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