Wilby dress free sewing pattern main photo
This cute envelope dress sewing pattern will be perfect if you make it from light to medium-weight woven fabrics.
The bodice is lined and the dress has enough room to fit over the short or long-sleeved T-shirt.

Wilby dress sewing pattern is available for 1.5-6 years old children (EU 92-116).
If you’re not sure which size to choose, check the measurements charts https://moonlightpatterns.com/measurements-charts/


6cm around the chest

Download and pattern assembly:

Scroll to the bottom of the post to download the pattern, it’s available in A0 and A4 format (works also with letter format). You can turn off the layers in Adobe Acrobat and print just the one you want. It will be easier to see the correct lines. You can find the option at View -> Show/Hide -> Navigation Panes -> Layers

Start with printing the first page and make sure the test box is 5 x 5 cm.
You can try printing on different paper formats but always select printing to 100%. Let me know if you have any issues.

Tape the pages as shown in the picture below. You can cut out the rectangles (remove margins) from the pages or just overlap printed pages

Seam allowances:

Seam allowances are included. You can see them on the pattern itself.

Recommended fabrics:

Light to medium-weight woven fabric for the main fabric. Lightweight fabric for the lining.
I used denim for the outer layer and polycotton for the lining.


Four buttons or snaps

Fabric requirements:

Approx. 0.8m of main fabric and 0,4m of lining fabric. Width of fabric: 1.4m
See suggested pattern pieces placing below


Bodice front x2 (mirrored pair) from the main fabric
Bodice front x2 (mirrored pair) from lining fabric
Bodice back x1 (on fabric fold) from the main fabric
Bodice back x1 (on fabric fold) from lining fabric
Skirt front pieces x2 (mirrored pair) from the main fabric
Skirt back piece x1 (on fabric fold) from the main fabric

Instructions (this is my preferred method, you can do it differently):

Print the pattern & cut the main fabric and lining following the grainline.

Place bodice pieces right sides together and stitch shoulder seams. Press with iron, and repeat for the lining.

With right sides facing sew the main bodice and lining together: around the neckline and all the way to the bottom of the front pieces and around armholes

Clip seam allowances around the neckline and armholes close to the seams (but be careful not to clip the seams).
Cut notches at the front corners as shown in the picture (to the left).

Turn the bodice inside out by pulling the front pieces of the bodice through the space between the outer fabric and lining (shoulder seams).

Press the bodice with an iron and check if everything lays flat.
You can topstitch fabric around the neckline and armholes however finish 1cm from the bottom of the front.
I’ve marked overlapping lines with iron. This will help me to make button placement accurate.

Overlock front skirt sides, fold, and topstitch. You should get two mirrored pieces. Gather all the skirt panels on two threads as shown in the picture.

Sew gathered pieces to the bodice main fabric and remove temporary stitches. Do this for both the front sides and the back pieces.

Fold the lining under and use a basting/tacking stitch to secure it in place. Then topstitch from the front of the dress to catch all the layers. Topstitching should be done just above the main seam and follow the basting stitch as shown in the picture (to the left). If you find it difficult or see that your lining is not caught properly underneath try basting by hand with a shorter stitch.

You can now sew sides together and overlock the edges.
Press with an iron.
Hem the dress and add buttons or snaps. I only added buttons to the bodice as it was sufficient but you could add more to the skirt.

Enjoy your dress 🙂


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